Web Store Advanced (EXT-C-WSA-70)

Web Store Advanced (EXT-C-WSA-70) 2 hour(s)


Take your eGalaxy Web Store to the next level. Implement advanced features to boost online revenue, support marketing campaigns, and provide a tailored guest experience.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Implement fees for Web items and orders to defray costs
  • Make donation options available to encourage online giving
  • Enable product upsell to increase revenue and enrich the guest experience
  • Accept discounts on Web purchases to support marketing efforts
  • Create Web promotions to present customized promotional store-fronts
  • Enable Web Accounts to allow guests to save contact information and view past orders
  • Configure Multi-Language to meet the needs of international guests
  • Customize Web Store behaviors to shape the guest experience
  • Access logs to perform basic troubleshooting

Web Store Advanced - Sample Concept Screen

Web Store Advanced - Sample Demo Screen


Elearning: Maximizing Revenue - Fees, Donations, Upsell

The management team is taking steps to increase online sales and donations. Let’s follow Jessica as she implements fees and upsell on the Zoo’s Web Store. Then, we’ll watch as she configures multiple online donation options.

Elearning: Bringing Marketing Initiatives Online - Discounts, Promotions

The Marketing department wants to spread the word about the Star Party and encourage visits from area residents. Let’s follow Jessica as she configures a discount on Star Party tickets and enables discounts on the Web Store. Then, we’ll watch as she creates a promotional Web store-front for local radio listeners.

Elearning: Enhancing the Guest Experience - Web Accounts, Multi-Language

The Zoo is dedicated to providing guests with the best online experience. Let’s follow Jessica as she implements Web Accounts to better accommodate repeat online shoppers. Then, we’ll watch as she configures a French translation for the Web Store.

Elearning: Fine-tuning Your Web Store - Customizations, Logging

Jessica is making the final adjustments to the Web Store. Let’s follow her as she modifies how events selected on the Web Store are displayed.

Elearning: Web Store Advanced Wrap-up

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