Learning Portal User Guide

Learning Portal Guide

Welcome! This document contains instructions for customers on how to use the Learning Portal.





All courses are purchased with learning hours. The cost in learning hours is displayed in green next to the course title in the catalog. You can obtain learning hours in several ways:

  • Purchasing a Learning Subscription. In this case, the appropriate courses become free and the learning hour cost disappears.

  • Electing into a Premier Support Tier with learning hours. In this case, the training administrator for your organization will be able to assign courses to others using those hours (or distribute the hours for others to use as they see fit).

  • Requesting a learning hour quote from the Learning Solutions team.


Every customer user has a student account, which can be used to register for and take courses.

Logging in

To access the Learning Portal:

  1. Go to the Learning Portal.

  2. If you have a Customer Portal account, click "Sign-in through Customer Portal." Otherwise, enter your work email address in the Username field.

Signing up

If you do not already have a Learning Portal account, please ask your Galaxy system owner to request access for you. You will receive an email notification when your account is ready.

Registering for a course

To register:

  1. Go to the Learning Portal catalog.

  2. Click on the course you want.

  3. If it is an instructor-led course, select a session at the bottom.

  4. At the top right, click “Get It.”

  5. If you have a Learning Subscription that covers this course, you’re done! Please note that, due to a system limitation, any System Administrator Essentials curriculum registrations must be approved by Gateway staff.

  6. Otherwise, click “Request quote.” Your Business Solutions Manager will follow up with you.

You will receive an email confirmation when you are registered for your course.

Taking a self-paced course

To take a self-paced course:

  1. Log in to the Learning Portal.

  2. Click on a lesson.


This person can assign courses to other people in the organization using a bank of learning hours or a Learning Subscription. He or she can also track the results.

Accessing administrator functions

To see the administrator panel:

  1. At the top of the screen, click your name.

  2. Select the account that says “Branch Administrator”

Registering someone for a course

To assign a course to a user:

  1. Click “Users.”

  2. Click on the name of a user.

  3. Click on the “Courses” tab.

  4. Under the “Enrolled” column, click "Enroll now."

The person you registered for the course will receive an email confirmation. If you have a bank of learning hours instead of a Subscription, the cost will be deducted from your bank automatically. Please note that, due to a system limitation, any System Administrator Essentials curriculum registrations must be approved by Gateway staff.

Adding users

If you would like to add a user who also has access to the Support Desk, Knowledge Base, and Community, please submit an Access Request through the Support Desk.

If you would like to add a user who has access only to the Learning Portal:

  1. Click "Users."

  2. Click "Add User."

New user requests will be reviewed by Learning Solutions staff within one business day.

Once your request has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email. You will then need to inform the user that his or her account has been created. Please provide the following information to the user:

  1. Go to the Learning Portal and click the "Reset password" link. Enter your email address.

  2. You will receive an email with a temporary password that you can use to log in for the first time. Your username will be your email address.

Removing users

To deactivate a user account so that another user can use a Learning Subscription:

  1. Click "Users."

  2. Select the name of the user.

  3. Uncheck the "Active" box.

  4. Click "Update."

When you return to the user list, the user's row will now be hidden. To see inactive users, click "Show inactive users" at the top right.

Viewing course completion

If you want to check on which courses the people in your organization have completed:

  1. Click “Reports.”

  2. Click the “Users” tab.

  3. Click the user you’d like to see.

Viewing course performance

Each end-user course tracks the learner's score. To see these scores:

  1. Click "Reports."

  2. Click the "Scorm" tab.

  3. In the "Filter" box at the bottom left, enter a keyword to limit the results if necessary.

  4. In the "Name" column, click the lesson title.

  5. To the right of the learner's name, click the magnifying glass.

End-user courses track each scenario as proficient (0-1 misclicks), complete (2+ misclicks), or incomplete.

Additional Questions?

Please contact learning@gatewayticketing.com.